Welcome to Kate Reads Myths! I'm Kate, and I'll be your guide through mythology in young adult novels. I do five things: read, summarize, identify the elements of mythology, explain their connections to the real world as well as other novels, and briefly review.

Before we get to all that, though, let me introduce myself.

I'm a college senior in Tennessee studying Secondary Education and English. I've always been a huge reader, which mostly started from Harry Potter. I also have a mild obsession with classic literature, but I read everything from chick lit to historical fiction. Unsurprisingly, I read a lot of both. I also dabble in writing - my first novel, Aureole, came out this year - and have a heavy music background.

My big thing here, though, is mythology in young adult (YA) lit. I've always loved mythology, and they provide a number of teaching opportunities. From that angle, I'll be examining many books and the different parts of them to see how we can help students better understand and appreciate this component of literature.

Besides, in my humble opinion, myths are pretty cool.

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